Monday, May 31, 2010

Wildfires in Canada

I was reading the news last evening and it was the first I had heard of wildfires in Quebec. Our state sent firefighters to help. That is not unusual in the case of wildfires.

This morning I stepped outside. It was quite hazy and I smelled the strong odor of a fire. (I've experienced wildfires in San Diego - pretty distinct smell). The haze turned out to be smoke. Apparently with the strong winds we've had the smoke has wafted down here. It is a good distance away.

Mother Nature really is powerful. I'm thinking in our neck of the woods we are headed for a drought this summer. We've barely had rain. Ah the grand scheme of things we are always complaining about the weather!

Great weekend. Seemed too short but we were very busy. I will upload pics tomorrow.

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