Thursday, October 21, 2010

Okay, let us have our tales today.

Let me see.....I think I'll start with things done this past week. The biggest deal was getting the Christmas Swap done and out the door. Check.....

I spent a good deal of Saturday rearranging my studio. Someday I will get it right. I do know I have too much stuff but it is all essential.

On Monday I made the Block of the Month for our guild meeting on Tuesday. I originated the BOM into the guild two years ago and Queen Peach and I got it all together each month. We decided to step away this year (although we are not stepping too far. Are we, Nancy? hehe) and let someone else do the BOM. I figured as the former initiator, I should do a block. Here it is:

Here's Nancy's:

(she did her block last week. I'm the slowpoke in the hive.)

This is a picture of our cute friend, Emmi Sue's quilt. It is a gorgeous lap size quilt using Kaffe Fasset fabric that was given to her by another of our group. I just think it is pretty and had to have a picture of it.

We've now reached tale day! We decided to work on our potholders for PP5. I love Nancy's. I'm paper piecing trees and I managed to get one top done and partial on the second. My aim will be to get them out before the weekend or Monday, at the latest.

The Queen snagged my camera and captured me in my "focused grasshopper" state!

The next pics are of the projects in progress:

cute, isn't he?

These potholders are really going to be very, very nice.

That is all we managed to get done today. Shortened version because we had to attend the Board Meeting for our Guild. We continue to maintain a presence just because. Under rumblings try to happen and we are there to make sure they don't. Worked again.. hahaha

I need to get back down into the studio so I can have an hour or two of sew time.

See ya all.....

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