Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tales from the Hive

Busy, busy, busy.....and we did not get to play with the new toys. Well, we had to eat. Queen Peach brought pot stickers that she had made. Yummy....we ate them all.

My potholders were finished and I got them packaged up with the help of my co-Queen. Grabbed a cup of decaf and down the stairs we went.

Today's project for me was to complete a block and siggy block for the Bee in My Bonnet Flickr bee. I could not believe that I was running out of time for this month. We had real flexibility in our instructions. Sometimes that can be scary but this turned out to be pretty fun. Awesome fabric was provided. is the start of the project:

Nancy was working on pillowcases for the Quilts of Valor project our Guild has been doing. The quilts will be given out in a ceremony on the 14th of November and they will be put in the pillowcases.

Here are her finished pillowcases:

I managed to get my block done. I do not know if it is the fabric or the cuteness of it all, but I am in love with St. Nick here. I'd love to keep him.

I'm looking at St. Nick as I type this because I brought the mini design wall upstairs so hubby could see before I mailed. His usual question is: Why is that not staying here? Silly man. It is not all about him. Does he not know this? hehehe He liked them. I really am in love with the Santa. It must be the fabric. I also got the siggy block done and I will mail them out tomorrow.

I feel like I have a little breathing room for a minute or two right now. Between now and mid-December I have to complete my 3x6 blocks, 3 postcards, a mug rug and whatever monthly bee comes in the mail. Plus there is the round robin. I think I still have some breathing space here by the look of the sent/received thread.

On my wish list I would like to make a bag or a purse. I was decided that it would get done but we have not had time for bag day. Too busy....We shall see.

After Queen Peach left to go back to her hive I zoomed over to my trusty post office! 3:20 pm - the potholders are on their way.

Unfortunately for hubby pizza was on the menu tonight. Hey! I made a salad. I had to go and pick up the pizza. When I returned there was this little newspaper clipping on the table. I read it and I actually have not stopped laughing. A friend of ours cut it out. It is newsworthy note from the Deer Hunter saga.

From my posts we will note that it did not happen on the 19th but that is when it was picked up by the local rag. I took a picture. Click and enlarge. It is too funny.

My husband called in his own report after he got to work. He was told no one would go out to look at the location. Hmmmm...did they lie? favorite part - can you imagine - the deer left the scene! Guess he/she did not want to get arrested since he/she was at fault. Nothing suspicious about any of this. Great press coverage though.

The car is being fixed currently. When it comes back we can put this suspicious incident to bed!

Good night.....


  1. That is just too funny...the deer and the car left the scene!!!!

  2. Love the 'deer' story....and the St. Nick!!! :) Hugs!