Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Solo Bees

Well, Mother Nature continues her cruel twisted nonsense! Last time I looked it was still snowing. Nancy and I sew together on Wednesdays. Today is Wednesday. Last week we were snowed out. Today - iced out. My driveway was a treacherous mess. Not safe for driving on despite my sanding and salting.

So....we had to be productive but on an individual basis. We both knew what our individual plans were and we did complete them.

I wanted to work on this technique from the cover of Quilting Arts. It just seemed so fun and it can be done postcard size for samples. Perfect! I need postcards so I'll try it.

You have a little quilt sandwich and you heavily quilt it. Okay this is my first attempt so heavily may not be as heavily as others can do it. It was fun though. After you do this step you paint it with acrylic white paint and let dry. (I'm in the let dry stage until tomorrow, I guess!)

Once the painted sandwich is dry it is supposed to be like a blank canvas for stamping or painting as well as embellishments. My hope for this project is to make a Valentine's Day postcard for my swap. I am going to use my paint sticks and maybe some stamping.

Well it was all fun for me. I also have 2 packages and 4 letters (with paper pieced blocks inside) going in the mail tomorrow. This is a good thing.

My son showed up and to get his extra car out of our other driveway and he started chopping some of the driveway. I was grateful for the help and then got caught up and spent a good 90 minutes chopping ice. I'm pretty worn out from that chore.

On to our other busy bee, Nancy, She was planning to quilt her snowman wall hanging here today but as we know.... So she did it at home. She hopes to have the binding all stitched down tonight and she will look to put buttons on his belly and a bead for the bird's eye.

It came out quite nicely. This will be her completion for January for Judy L's UFO challenge.

(I think Nancy will be glad to see this. She's probably wondering why I'm so late posting. Hubby was using the computer and I was watching a little bit of tv!)

That is it for today. I wonder what we can do tomorrow. This has been a pretty productive week. I guess it is a side effect of the snow! hahaha

Good night.

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  1. I sent the new is all done!!! yeah...but it wasn't the same not sewing at your house.....