Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tales from the Hive

Well, well, has been some time since we have had a tale from the hive. Mother Nature has been the evil villain of 2011 so far. We got lucky this week but it will snow tonight. Oh my aching back!!!!! :0

Queen Nancy has been extremely productive the last few days. Let me share...

She finished her 6 blocks for the 3x6 Bee and mailed them! Hmmmm....I just picked out my block.

Then she did her potholders for PP6 Monotone. They went in the mail today. Hmmmm....I've sort of narrowed down my block for this swap.

They are all very nice....I'd better get my rear in gear! I'm behind. Or so I feel like it. hehehe

Prior to our buzzing in the hive today we decided we'd go and look at the ice sculptures at the BVI (a swanky joint nearby). I had my camera and fresh batteries. I was excited because I had seen it on the news. We got there and the sculptures were covered in some sort of tin foil contraptions. Well, what fun was that? Actually, quite a bummer.

So today was all about warm wishes and baby quilts! Nancy had one that needed to be made like....a little while ago. It was all cut and ready. I decided over the weekend that I was going to get one done this week for our friend in California. I've also given myself a self imposed deadline of getting it in the mail early next week. I'm doing well so far. The top is done. Nancy's top is done also.

Here's mine:

Here's Nancy's:

I think they are very nice. We both plan to quilt them ourselves. I could zoom over and get it speed quilted by our friend but I'm going to save myself some cash and do it myself. It is good practice, I think. I need backing fabric and thread and I will visit my local shop for advice. Tomorrow, if I can get out of the driveway. If not, Friday.

Finally, I have not done too much on my UFO challenge. So today I got the layout squared away again on this quilt and I am almost finished the second bear claw block. It will go in the bottom right corner. I will get it to the point of needing to be quilted before the end of January. Since I will be sending this one out to get quilted I will be okay with my progress for January.

And that was our day. The battery in the smoke detector needed replacing and we thought we had done okay but is still beeping (and I will probably go insane before hubby gets home) and I can't get it open to fix it. SIGH

One final note. Nancy's been working on her sewing space in addition to all the bee projects. I'm glad she's getting that sorted out for herself. It is a Martha good thing. (my studio is a trash heap!)

See ya.....

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