Monday, May 2, 2011

Menace in the kitchen

Today was the day I was to start my Tokyo Subway project. I have all the fabrics (well, I need a couple of reds) and its all waiting for me. I ran all my outside errands this morning and then came home to prep dinner so that I could sew all afternoon.

SIGH - while chopping garlic like a madwoman I chopped into my right thumb. I'm okay. Hurt like heck for a little while. I just have to wait for it to stop bleeding and start the healing process so I can get into cutting fabric. Makes me nervous about cutting. I'm sure I will be fine tomorrow.

Honestly....I am such a menace in the kitchen sometimes. I like to cook. I just sometimes cut myself by accident.

Tomorrow morning I intend to be in my studio working on this project. I'm quite jazzed about doing it. I'm not saying I want it out of my house yet so I think I'm in good shape.

So...enough stupid for today. DH will laugh. He knows me so well.

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