Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tornado watch

Geez Louise! We had a pretty good day. I just did two string blocks for guild for a charity quilt that is being made for a family that lost their house to fire. Nancy cut a bunch of bags to be made into gifts for her children's' teachers. Then we hit the LQS - oh my, Nancy was a good shopper today. Me, not so much. Weak, I tell ya! Then we went to lunch and I hit the nearby grocery store for the BBQ fixings for tonight.

It was nasty looking outside and hotter than heck. I was just prepping the salad and my husband calls and asked if we girls were okay. I asked why and he said he was herded to the center of the building where he works due to a tornado warning. Scared the heck out of me as nasty weather would be heading our way.

I have more pictures of our day but due to this crazy weather I have not downloaded them.

Son has arrived so I must log off.....more later or tomorrow morning. We're in the tornado watch until 8 pm. Crazy...crazy...crazy!

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