Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tales from the Hive or Zeus is in the House

Zeus, as seen below, will now be a regular member of the hive. I'm going to have to do some rearranging so we can accommodate him in the studio when the colder weather arrives.

It seems as though we have not had a tale to tell for a while. Honestly, I can't really recall why. We did not sew last week but Nancy did come over for lunch and a quick show and tell. The week before....I think I went to her house. hehe I do recall stuffing pin cushions. We had a quilt show meeting. forward to today and all is right with the world again. haha I think Nancy and I are both feeling a little bit of pressure to get some things done so that we can start thinking about Christmas and making gifts, etc.

Potholder Pass 9 deadline is looming. We both have US partners so we are good until the 22nd. However, our coasters are going out in the next day or two.

Here are mine:

I have two completed and the last two will have their bindings hand stitched down this evening. I hope my partner likes them. I have never done bias binding before! What a challenge that was yesterday.

Here are Nancy's:

Hmm...they look somewhat similar to mine. Do you think we work together? Have the same books we use for inspiration? Maybe!!!

So...once we got into the groove of things this morning, Nancy was working on Poodles Noel. She was quilting it. Here's a pic of Zeus inspecting her work before she got down to the quilting.

I needed to do my block of the month for Guild next week. Log Cabins is the block that is due in fall colors. The theme for this year is the Underground Railroad. I did not know this but apparently Log Cabin blocks also had yellow centers to welcome travelers. being me, I decided to do two - one with a traditional red center and one with a yellow center. I wonder how many others will choose to do yellow. Nancy might. hehehe I actually like the yellow center.

The hum of the machine put Zeus to sleep in his bed with his pet pig, Priscilla (who, I might point out, is in desperate need of a bath. She was filthy!)

We were starting to get hungry so we decided to have lunch. First cleanup and a little goofing around.

Zeus is learning to work with bias binding. Really, I struggled with it yesterday and I guess he is in the same boat I was!!!

Mom, I just can't wrap my paws around this darn bias binding!

Geez, what a pain this is!

And....finally...Zeus and I had a little tug of war with Priscilla, the filthy pig!!!

Zeus is a great dog. He's big and strong but very gentle. I like that in a dog and he's welcome to become a member of the hive. He's going to have to get his own projects though!

In other news....I've discovered knitting. I suck at it right now but it is kind of enjoyable. Nancy and I are taking a class at the new shop on Friday morning. After that, we might go to Hobby Lobby! Fun, fun.

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  1. Just an update.....Priscilla the pig is clean and fluffy. It is amazing how she looks brand new...she does have a little hole in her armpit, that must be from all the playtime with Debbie!!! I had fun today.
    Love, Zeus woof woof