Monday, November 19, 2012

Slow progress but the holidays are racing us!

So things are not moving as quickly as I would like but any progress is better than no progress....I think!

Nancy came over last week for a day at the Hive. We managed to get some things done before Thanskgiving came creeping up on us.

Nancy wanted to make the nieces new pillowcases for Christmas! Bonus...they will come complete with a new pillow! What a nice aunt.

Here is the first one:

Lucky Nancy...she completed all 4 of them. Phew! It was a good day for her.

I am making a table topper for my mother-in-law for Christmas. I like to do little things for her. She is almost 86 and really doesn't decorate much anymore. We'll help her out in an upcoming visit.

So on Wednesday I did get the top done:

I'm attaching the binding now and when I finish I will post a picture. Should be done in the next day or so. I quilted the heck out of it. Just for fun. I could not seem to stop myself.

We are hosting our friends for Thanksgiving as well as our nephew and grand nephew. Unclear if my son is coming as he does not respond to phone calls or text messages. Well...I can't do anything about it so I'm just proceeding. We have a whole new menu carved out this year. I finished up my grocery shopping this morning. can be troublesome but it was not too bad at the grocery store. Would not want to be shopping on Wednesday.

We are having a fried turkey and we bought a new toy - an oil-less turkey fryer. My husband reviewed the "toy" and at about $37.00 for 3 gallons of peanut oil which you need to fry a turkey and this "toy" is $99.00 it should pay for itself pretty quickly. It uses infrared cooking. Very, very interesting. Hope it comes out all right. I have my heart set on the fried turkey. It is ridiculous that peanut oil is so expensive considering you have to throw it out after frying poultry!

We have a new stuffing/dressing recipe, new potato recipe, new veggie recipe, homemade cranberry relish. My friends are very adventurous so we are not too worried. Should be fun and that is the plan.

We put up and decorated 2 Christmas trees this weekend. We're having a holiday party on Saturday so we needed to get a jump on things. Did a little outside tackiness. I'm not a big fan of tacky...but it is sort of okay so I'm letting it stay. haha

Yesterday we put lights on a little Charlie Brown tree that we have been nursing for a few years. It was a tiny little sapling one year and got bent over in a snowstorm. It has a crooked trunk and it has grown to over 6 feet. I can't get a good picture but here is my terrible picture:

I'll have to get up close and personal this week and take a better picture.

Well...all for now. I must take better care of this blog and write more.

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