Sunday, December 9, 2012

Something new!

So, I have a new friend. Yes, my husband and I bit the bullet yesterday and purchased one heck of a cutie.

Meet Harley - short for Harlequin.

He's wicked cute. He is 3 months old and weighs 11 1/2 pounds. He is one of those designer hypoallegernic no shed dogs and I will not apologize for purchasing him. He loves my husband. Currently he is a lap dog on my husband. I don't know what he's going to do tomorrow. Stuck with me! Could be interesting. haha

So needless to say no projects were worked on this weekend. Although the hub and I wrapped all the gifts we have purchased so far before we went on the dog quest. At least that is a chunk of something done.

We all went to bed at 9:30 pm last night. Just a little whimper from the crate and we put a nightlight from my bathroom into the bedroom. Unfortunately morning arrived at 4:30 am. Right now...I'm pretty beat.

I had to go and do a little puppy shopping today. I bought him a bed so we can keep the crate in our room. I can drag the bed to the studio and he can be my "sous quilter" or Supervisor assistant. As you may recall, Zeus, holds that Supervisor title!

The new bed. It was too funny to see him leap his top half into it and have his legs hanging!

So that was my weekend. It was certainly not the plan at all but somehow it is all okay.

Hope you all had a good one.

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