Friday, April 30, 2010

First finish not on my list

I only have two scrap quilts to make that I've listed but, of course, there are a million other things that must be done as well.

I finished the two blocks for the first person in the Christmas in July Quilting Bee. Picture in the flickr block. When I do things like this I am so careful to be near perfect on points and seams. I did not do too bad. Anything for me - zoom, zoom! I'm usually pretty good about the points, though. Anywhoooo. Those blocks are packaged up and ready to go to the Post Office this morning. Yea me!

I have been sewing every day this week and it is kind of nice. I should add a little music to my studio but I'm not even sure I would hear it if it was on. The place looks like a "hot mess" but I will try to tidy it up this weekend. It is difficult to work in clutter.

It is going to be one warm weekend and I will try to get out and enjoy some of it.

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