Friday, April 23, 2010

My enthusiasm knows no bounds!

Two virtual bees. Now 3! A round robin bee. There are four members thus far and I think this will be very exciting once it gets going.

As I wind down my guild responsibilities I have set in motion my plans for the next year. I will be down in my studio quilting. How bad can that be? Perhaps there will be stash manicuring. Not likely. My husband might wonder if I will come up for air or cook dinner! Possible.

So, once I get that camera figured out we might even see pictures here. Actually, I do need to work that out pretty soon as I have projects that are due and must be posted.

It is the weekend. Lots to do and some of it may be quilting but most likely it will be planting and outdoor stuff. It is black fly season and that is not fun.

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