Sunday, May 23, 2010

Can I just say....

Man...I am so overwhelmed with all the things I have to do. Quilt related that is.

Today I finished my second scrap quilt. I need to get it to the Longarmer tomorrow. I will have it back Tuesday. She is quick. My mom is stitching down the binding on the first one. Claims she had nothing to do. I can think of several projects she has going...hmmmmmmm. (I let her because it is one less thing on my plate but I do get this special attachment to a quilt when I am doing the binding)

I am relieved. I've got backing fabric that shrunk (darn it) and I've got to sew some cheater strips on. Thank heavens I have extra wide (108") kicking around. Tomorrow morning. After Curves. Or before....depends on when I get up.

Anyway...more self imposed deadlines.

Potholder pass - potholders being mailed tomorrow.
Gigglegear's block - planned for tomorrow so I can mail it out this week.
Chocolate's Christmas in July block - next in line
Little Miss Shabby's block - no later than the middle of next week

In that order. I need to be done the 2nd and 3rd this week and I'm hoping to get the 4th but if not, next week early, for sure. There is other stuff but I've got to get this all done. I've got June for Christmas in July. I have my block picked out but that is as far as I have been.

After finishing 3 twin sized quilts in 2 1/2 weeks, I am itching to do just a block, perhaps even a smaller item. I also need to clean my studio which is a hot mess! I need Clean House. Oh never mind. They'd make me have a yard sale. Not happening!

All for now. I must rest up to get these projects finished.

Goodnight, Moon.

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