Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kindle to Kayak to Loons

Well, it was a K kind of week here at the Orange ranch. Yesterday we bought kayaks for our selfish little selves. We have been talking about it for 3 years. Did not get any pics of those yet. We did go out on the lake this morning while it was quiet. There is something so peaceful about gliding along in a kayak. I believe I will enjoy it very much. It is a good couples thing to do as well. Nice, quiet and overall pleasant.

Moving on to the next letter: L

click for larger view (my little kodak took this. Hard to get a good pic with moving water)

This family hangs out in front of our place. It was very enjoyable watching them. We went boating later and saw the other family and they have 2 babies. I, of course, did not have the camera handy. Next week perhaps...

It has been quite warm and humid here for the month of July. I finally reached my breaking point with the heat. I went floating in the water. I never do that. It felt refreshing.

I've got quite a bit of bee projects sitting in the wings of my studio. I am going to try to get at least 3 done before Friday. My former neighbors from San Diego are arriving for a few days. Party on, Garth....

Not much in the way of reading was done this past week although I did download some free book on the Kindle (Harlequin romance or some such quick read) to test it out. Love it...downloaded another freebie this morning. I might have to have a book budget for this thing. SIGH

Have a very pleasant day...

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