Friday, July 23, 2010

Knock, knock...July???? Where have you gone?

I cannot believe July is almost over. It was just the 4th of July, like, I don't know, 3 days ago...HA! Seriously, I cannot believe it has flown by. Must be an age thing. That is probably not a good thing. "They" have not increased the hours in the day so I don't know how to cram everything in.

Company coming tonight. Woohoo. Party folk, too. There will definitely be no quilting going on for the next 5 days. I will be having a blast. :)

I will try to get a picture of my kayak this weekend. I may have neglected to say that it is orange! No surprise there. haha

I tidied up the studio last night. There was a bit of fabric flinging going on this week as I tried to finish one of the round robin projects. Threads everywhere and a tiny bit of dust. So I vacuumed and put large chunks of fabric back in there proper bins. Small chunks went into a scrap basket.

Does anyone read Melody Johnson's blog? I love, love, love Melody. Her colorful world is eye candy for me. She has a studio and she will just haul everything out and redo her space. She's done that a couple (or more) of times. I would like to do that. I might try to work on that later next week after I tackle a couple more of the bee projects. I can be a tad clumsy and someday I might hurt myself maneuvering around the room. Could it be that I have too much stuff? NAH! Not possible! hehehe

I got in to Potholder Pass 4. Yippee. Thank you, Amy!!!!

Off to Flickr to see what's going on.

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