Monday, August 23, 2010

The reveal.....

The Kindle cover is complete except for the embellishment. She is living in her new colorful pad now!

She went from this:
(Just awful but it was necessary to protect her.)

To this:
(Ta Da)

Here is the front. I need to put a lime green button on it for decoration and I'll get to that soon.

I am referring to this puppy as a prototype. There are flaws. I did not completely understand the binding instructions. I'm sure it is so simple that I just did not get it. I have pattern reading issues. I'm a visual person. I'll consult with my buds tomorrow. I love my colors. They are bright and cheery. Just perfect for a reader. I might have to start making seasonal covers. I've got fabric!

Today I will mail out the Christmas in July blocks and my goal for this week is to get the 3x6 bee blocks for my hive done and out the door. I also have a Round Robin block waiting in the wings. I need to get it on the design wall for creative pondering. I would like to get that moving on to the next stop as well. I have postcards to make and that Christmas Swap. The Queen and I will be very busy!

It is raining here. It is lovely. We are (so they say) in a drought and the rain is steady which is perfect for being absorbed into the ground. I think I hear the brown grass cheering.

I have a dentist appointment in 90 minutes so I had best get myself moving. I have been to the gym already so I'm set for the day!

See ya...

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