Friday, August 20, 2010

Still working on the Kindle cover

I managed to get the whole top done last night. I had to add an extra strip and I have not taken the time to think about why that happened. I really just want to put my cute little Kindle in a cute little case. I had an e-mail from Amazon indicating that I might want to purchase a Kindle cover at 70% off. There was a picture of a really nice orange one. But....haha I am making my own at 100% off! Take that....

The Queen and I had a good day at the Quilt Show yesterday. She found some really special fabric. I can't divulge what it is. It may show up on her photostream in the near future. Trust me, though, it is perfect.

So we had my mom and our other pal, who is 80, with us. I had my camera with me, too, as I did not want to miss taking any inspirational photos. Our 80 year old bud goes a little bit crazy when she sees fabric. So we had to wander ahead while she shopped and kept coming back to check on her. We did lose her near the time we had to leave. Yes, she was shopping for yardage. She can't turn down a $5.00/yard deal. I did! The other Queen did. My mom did. Of course my mom will return at least one other time this weekend. I can't wait to hear what she buys. I don't think she spent a penny yesterday other than her entrance fee which covers the 4 days the show is in town. Hmmmm.....

I fell in love with a long arm. I played with it a bit and really liked the smoothness of it. It was not herky jerky like some we have tried out. Can I afford to buy it? Yep. However, I cannot justify driving almost 2 hours one way for lessons on it. I'm so sure I would forget on the drive back. So I'm not going to go back and purchase it. Of course, the husband raised his eyebrows over this discussion. I had enough negatives to justify the decision of not purchasing. But, boy oh boy, the Queen and I would have had some fun with this toy! Really, we would have.

I did take lots of pictures and I also took pictures of the labels next to the quilts so I would know who did them. I have not downloaded them yet (because I was busy on the Kindle cover) but I will sometime this weekend. One particular quilt from Germany called Fire and Ice was pretty spectacular. But really - 55,000 Swaroski (sp) crystals were on this quilt. I'm tired just thinking about that number. It was something though.

My fave purchase of the day were some Versacraft stamp pads. I have a zillion dollars in rubber stamps (don't ask) and I have been wanting to incorporate them into quilting. I went in search of Fabrico stamp pads only to find that they are gone and have now been reintroduced as Versacraft. I found a web site last weekend from CT and they had oodles of stuff. I was going to order on Monday but I completely forgot. I was thrilled to stumble into their booth as we started to go through the show. Well, of course, there was a purchase. I'm pretty thrilled about that. They were very nice too. Plus I did not have to pay shipping.

All for now. Good morning, Mrs. Goodness! (inside joke)

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