Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tales from the Hive of 2 Queens

The Queen's children returned to school today and she and I resumed our usual Wednesday bee. (Bee of 2 but it suits us just fine) We have lots of things to do for our Flickr madness and today was 3x6 Day. We did pretty well as evidenced by the photos. I might have to become like Judy L. of Patchwork Times. I swear that woman sleeps with her camera in hand!

and another one added:

and another:

Drum roll: A good day's work!

We made a good deal of progress today. I like the way the same block looks with the different color choices. Gray seems to be in. I think I might have to stock up on more of that color. It has great potential.

Next week we plan to do postcards for the postcard swap. I think we might have too much fun doing the postcards. It will be a good opportunity to play with all these things lurking in my studio - stamps, ink pads, inks, paints, fabric and bears, oh my! The end result is tiny little works of art.

All for now. Perhaps tales from the hive could become a regular Wednesday feature.

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