Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tales from the Hive

I did a little prep work last night. I was hunting and gathering stamps, markers, fabrics. Once again, I notice that I have too much stuff! I discovered a box full of Stampin Up stamp sets. I used to make cards all the time. I must have a zillion dollars worth of stuff in that box. Sheesh! I digress.

So...I'm ready to make postcards.

We had a lovely time today. It was 3x6 for Queen Peach and postcards for me. I did only get one made and it is not finished. I'm not like the gals who do these all the time and can make 3 at once. I envy them, though. So, I have to make 3 different ones and try to be creative. Sometimes I just end up being a little silly. For example:

The Queen's 3x6 blocks are stunning. Amazing. I love the look of each one of them. Those lucky bees from beehive 6!

I've got to move on to potholders next week and I think I found some really cool potential ideas. Paper pieced (which I love) and I need to come up with some really stunning fabric. Hmmm....I wonder if I have any!

My granddog popped in. Kind of a sad sack, isn't he?

That's it for now!

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