Monday, September 13, 2010

Screwed up Monday opposed to Design Wall Monday. I am sitting here waiting for a Directv technician to come to my house. I hate those 4 hour windows of opportunity. I'm two hours into it and still waiting for a call. I cannot go down to the studio because I won't hear the doorbell. SIGH I will blame DH for this. He set it up. Okay, he asked me when I could be home today. I guess I won't blame him.

My niece's birthday is Wednesday. So as I was running around doing my errands this morning so I could be home for noon, I purchased a birthday card for her along with the groceries. The card did not arrive here with the groceries. Why on earth do they stick cards in brown bags only to forget to put them in. This is not the first time it has happened. Now I am trapped like a rat here and cannot go get a new one and go to the Post Office. I'm rather irritated.

Okay enough with the major league whine. Our beloved Patriots won yesterday. Tom Brady still needs a haircut. I have no idea what he's thinking. hehehe Like I have a say in his hair styles! When I got bored with football I went down to the studio to create. It takes a long time for me to do that. Create, that is!

I have received two of my bee packets for September (bee in my bonnet and Christmas in July). I am so grateful to these two women. They have given us easy, easy, easy blocks to do. I won't really have to think. Just make the blocks and admire them. I love that once in a while.

I think I will go play with the template here. Its chilly out today and I don't think there are any hummingbirds around right now.

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