Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tiny Tales from the Hive

We had a short day today. We had to attend a Board Meeting for our guild. Somehow I ended up taking the minutes for that meeting. I'm not sure how that happened. I know I was sitting on my hands when it was announced a secretary was needed. Oh well.

After a cup of java and a lovely blueberry treat (very tasty) this morning, we headed down to the studio to continue postcard work. Someone got all of hers done in one fell swoop! Not only that but by the time our Wednesday was over she had two off in the mail. I am slacking. Seriously. hehe

So here you have a sneak preview of her postcards!

Aren't they the cutest little pieces of art? 3 lucky woman in the world will be getting these. I'm here to say you gals are wicked lucky! I want them....hehehe Very, very nice, Queen Peach!

So that was our day. I hurt my back so I have not returned to the studio. I think that when you hurt yourself grating cheese it is a clear indication that you are either 1,000 years old or in terrible shape! I guess I'm supposed to pick one. Pass! I won't choose but that is how I hurt my back. Crazy.

Perhaps next week we will have a novella of tales! We shall see.

I did receive a lovely gift in the mail today from one of my bees. I received it because I was one of the first 5 to return a project. (Picture of the gift at a later date) Lucky me. I'm not usually so prompt! I am trying to do better in the beehives! It was a nice surprise.

All for now....

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