Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tales from the Hive

I started working on this last night. Too tired to continue. I'm not sleeping too well lately and I think it is the change in the seasons. Well, that is my current story and I'll stick with it right now.

Lovely gray hair accentuated to its fullest by the black top!

The Queen and I had a very productive day yesterday. As you can see, we were very busy. Most impressive is that Nancy started with this:

She does work faster than I! I'm a slow and steady kind of gal.

We were so busy that we did not eat our lunch until after 3 pm! Late lunch, but tasty. Our bee day also includes eating and how much of a good meal the Orange Queen can come up with. Hit or miss but we had white chicken chili yesterday. It was tasty. We are waiting for nice soup days. I'm itching to make a good soup.

The Queen and I have quite a few bees that we are currently working on. We are both in the Christmas swap. My ideas are in my head and pretty scattered. I've got to narrow it down and get myself in gear. Also we are both in the postcard swap. Nancy's have been mailed and mine are finally finished. They'll be in the mail shortly.

We are both in the potholder pass groups. They really are fun. I forgot to take a picture of Nancy's. Hers are just about ready to hit the post office. Hopefully she finds her grommets. I found mine and we were going to use them later but I think we forgot!

I had picked out my particular block for making the potholders and Nancy and I consulted. I was going to do them in one color. Nope! We could not do that. So with her talented assistance we hauled out fabric from my stash (like this even made a dent! haha). However, they are turning out quite nicely. Don't you think so? My partner wanted bright. I hope this fits the bill. I'm making them both at the same time because so much thinking is involved in the placement of colors.

I do love paper piecing but sometimes getting it going is enough to make one tear their hair out. I can't tell you how many times I started only to realize I cut wrong, sewed the pieces wrong. ACK!!! Once I got it going it was going nicely. I love the look and I think they will be cool when complete.

We both jumped into Pass 5 on the Flickr group. Holiday/Winter potholders and an ornament. It can and will be done! In my whole life I have never made potholders and I am heading toward a roll here. I think they may make lovely Christmas gifts.

My husband popped in to the studio last night. Of course I was back in there as soon as dinner was finished and I had done the dishes. I could have stayed there all night but, alas, I was tired and I really should spend a little time with the man! I'm sorry to say I did not as I was downloading pictures and trying to get this post written. Then my mom called! Oh well.

He had very positive comments about the work on the design wall. I could not take credit for one of the 3x6 blocks I had received. It was a wonky log cabin. He loved the randomness about it. He loves orange as well and he always tells me it was his favorite color first. He is correct. It was.

Well this ends another tale. I will be busy to get these projects finished and move on to the next ones. I think I need to tidy up the studio. Thread bunnies are everywhere. I may have to clean up today as the trash people come tomorrow. There is a little incentive for me. My husband commented that there were threads on the stairs. hehe There are threads (and quite a few) on the stairs. I will vacuum today!

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