Monday, September 20, 2010

A few things accomplished

I spent yesterday completing bee blocks for September. Fortunately for me, they were simple to do. It is good to get a breather every now and again.

I hurt my back on a machine at Curves this morning. I am in agony but not as bad as earlier this morning. I'm waiting until 4 pm so I can pop more aspirins. Geez. I did this very same thing two weeks ago and I was fine. I don't know whether to sit or stand. If I lie down I may not get up!

I was having a panic attack because I wanted to get everything to the post office today.

I also got my fabric together for my partner in the brown bag quilt contest. That was tough! I like my fabric but I did manage to gather enough to send out. I can't wait to get mine in the mail. My swap partner is the same person I have to send the fabric. Makes it easy, I guess.

I finally felt well enough that I thought I could go to the post office and mail the packages. I did and limped my way in! Out the door - Christmas in July; Bee in My Bonnet and the Brown Bag Quilt fabric. I always feel better when I get things mailed out.

I still have to finish my potholders. I was going to machine quilt them today but I just don't think I can. My mind can't really focus beyond pain! Tomorrow. They will go out by the end of the week. My goal.

I can also start to seriously focus on the Christmas swap. I've got it all in my head but I must narrow things down to manageable and not overwhelming. I also signed up for Potholder Pass 5 which consists of 2 potholders (winter or Christmas) and an ornament of the homemade variety. That will be the October project.

Well, all for now. I must attempt to make a salad for dinner. This ought to be interesting.

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