Wednesday, October 6, 2010

From hive to hive or travel tales

As mentioned earlier in the day, we had a sick bumblebee but we made some quick adjustments and I zoomed over to Queen Peach's hive. We had a plan in mind for the short time period. We were going to see how difficult or easy it would be to make some Christmas ornaments. We thought they were very cute.

But first we needed soup. No this is not Donovan McNabb's mom making Campbells chunky. It is me -making chicken soup from scratch (a little help from Wolfgang) and then I threw in the noodles! Of course this was after we chowed it so the broth is kind of....gone!

It was a good lunch on a very rainy day and also the bumblebee had some. He ate it so it couldn't have been terrible. hehe.

Now down to business. We are going to see how quickly these go together.

Queen Peach whipped out the templates for us. She is excellent with the scissors. Me, not so much. I think I need a college course for cutting with scissors. Left handed, too. I had my fabrics all cut and Nancy was getting hers cut.

I put all the pieces together and......voila:

You have to turn the edges for a curved look and stitch down with matching thread. Now why is that I have 6 zillion spools of thread and not one of them match the fabric I picked. Honestly, those thread companies! They make a killing off of us. hehe

Nancy is a Janome and I am a Bernina. My machine was out so she used it to make two ornaments. Yes, she got two ready to do as compared to my one!

Here are her two:

Well that was that for our day. These went together wicked easy. Love them. They just need that finishing touch and they will be perfect.

Waving bye to Queen Peach in the pouring rain (monsoon type rain) and I drove home to make dinner. I put my room back together, did a little cutting for the finishing touch on the round robin package. The block is done and I will post the pic tomorrow along with the finishing touch I need to do.

I believe I will call it an evening. I get up at 5 am and I am just going like the Energizer bunny until I run out. I must have those generic batteries!

See ya...

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  1. Debbie, cute ornaments! I am left handed too, isn't it a pain?