Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Deer Hunter

In the fall the deer around here become suicidal. That can be problematic at times.

Three years ago this happened. Serious internal injuries to the car. No humans were harmed and the deer was never found. He managed to get the car back home where it promptly died and had to be towed.

Yesterday, this happened. It appears that there are no internal injuries and he can still drive it.

Once again, no humans injured and the deer not found. Crazy deer. Unfortunately, the resulting inconvenience is a pain. Both times these incidents have occurred in the dark of early morning (really early). No cell phone reception either. He has that On Star in this vehicle. That is helpful.

Oh well....life happens.

I've been busy getting projects done for one Flickr bee and will be able to mail on Thursday. One day before the deadline. I do love to beat deadlines. Cutting it close on this one but it is a bigger project.

I recently bought a Shark steam cleaner for the floors. I like it. Yesterday I bought the small portable one to do counters, windows, etc. I'm on a sanitizing kick. I'm sick of chemicals. I don't think they are too healthy for the human population. I'm going to try to carve some time today to play with the new toy. Might be fun...maybe...

Update on the steam cleaner - impressive and kind of fun, if you like cleaning.

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