Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tales from the Hive

The Queens were together again yesterday. This is a day late. We were busy, busy. I finished up one of my bee projects so that I could mail it today. Nancy mailed hers on Tuesday. I think my main focus for yesterday was to get this done and in the mail. Then I could breathe again. As I type this, I'm breathing and it is kind of nice. I'm also thanking my co-royale for helping me with the bows. I'm grateful I had a glue gun. (Purchased in San Diego and used once - 2001. But hey...I had one when I needed it)

Pictures were taken yesterday but I will skip them this week. Although Nancy made some darn cute pillowcases. I should have taken a picture of those. What was I thinking? Next week I will do better. I will never achieve Judy L.'s level of blogging and photo taking. I don't know how she does it.

The studio is a unholy mess. I have got to tackle it and get it organized once again. I had been doing a good job but lost my way. I need my husband to help me hang a couple of things and I'll ask him over the weekend.

Postage.....I do not often blink on postage but I did today. I think just our bees alone keep the USPS in business. We should get a quilter's rate or something. So I had my package and I had 3 options to send. They ranged from overnight to parcel post (takes a week) and from $37.00 down to $11.50. So I picked priority and then "he" says that there might be a surcharge on the box. It was good size but not that big. So the price of that was going to bring me up to $40.00 to send it - more than overnight and parcel - where there is no surcharge. I'm not sure I understand why they get you on one service and not another. Let's face it - these packages are all going on the same darn plane.

In the end I went with the parcel post. "He" assured me it would be about a week. I rarely choose this option because I think they put things on a slow boat to China or Africa or wherever - just not where it should go. I have my fingers crossed.

Seriously, though, the postage is getting to be something. Do you agree? I don't know the answer and really I don't mind mailing packages or boxes. I just hated to be boxed (no pun intended) into that kind of a corner today where I was forced to go with an option that I did not want. Believe me, I tried to package it all appropriately. I'm very creative at shipping. I often wonder what they think at the PO. One guy (not today's "he") knows better. He calls all of you my pen pals. Silly man. He doesn't really ask anymore. He just lets me know whether or not I need a customs form.

Well, I think that is all from the this hive today. Gearing up for a major league rain storm. Could be worse. It could be snow! :) I'm participating in the Making Strides for Breast Cancer walk on Sunday. Weather is to be in the 50's with a breeze. I might need my gloves! I'm looking forward to the walk.

Have a good one and to my Round Robin pals - you are in my thoughts.

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