Monday, November 22, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like.......

The darling man has 6 (now 5) vacation days left for 2010. He decided to take the next 6 (now 5) Mondays off. Lucky me! I did manage to get a little sewing in this weekend. Finished a 3x6 block and did two postcards. He goes back to work tomorrow so I should get more done! Don't get me wrong! I like spending time with him when he's here. 32 years of marriage makes us want to hang together. I think that is a good thing.

This afternoon we went out looking for a new tree for the holidays. The one we have is so heavy that we just can't haul it up the stairs one more time. We are getting old! It is a huge tree and we live in a small house. So we bought one that is more appropriate. We came home and put the holiday music on the Sirius and sang along.

I took pictures while he did the putting together of the tree. It came with a remote control but no battery. It was not the kind of battery we keep on hand so off I zoomed to Radio Shack along with the remote and the paperwork. I did get the battery and when I came home he was still fussing with the tree.

You pay good money for something and it doesn't work properly. We tried every troubleshooting method recommended. Darn it! We had to take the broken part back to the store and they gave us a new part. Sam's Club - they were ok about the whole thing. We made sure it worked before we left.

Now my "decorating fiend" wanted to do ribbon this year. We don't know what the heck we are doing but he gave it a go......

Looking pretty good, I think.

My son called in the midst of all this. He is horrified that we have the tree up! Hey! I'm just a few days early. It normally goes up on Black Friday. We do not go shopping. Too crazy for us!

So here we have the tree so far. It will be my job to get the ornaments on. This will be a big job since this tree is quite a bit smaller than our other one. I will have to pick and choose what goes on. It may be next Sunday before it is done.
Meanwhile I have my remote control (ridiculous, I know!) and pretty lights to look at now!

I'm sure my good friend, Queen Peach, will get a good laugh out of this!

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  1. It is always good to know overachievers. It's one of the many things I like about you guys!!!The ribbon is a nice touch by the way....make sure you tell Jeff. I will patiently wait to see the decorations in person...Turkey Day is coming soon....gobble gobble! N