Thursday, November 18, 2010

I've been absent and my head is full of stuff and nonsense

Let's see....I was in Florida last week. While that may sound grand, it was not. The weather was nice. I even went to a quilt shop and not one thing said buy me. That is a bit depressing. Thank goodness I went to a quilt show the day before I left. I did get some pictures but I've not sorted through them.

I am now driving the deer hunter vehicle. was my idea. Well, it is all fixed shiny and new. Only took the repair place two times to get it right. DH wanted a new car for comfort. I knew it was coming the minute I heard about the deer. I know him very well! I traded in my Honda Pilot because it was almost 3 years old (like next week) and the warranty will be gone. You know how that goes...things fall apart upon expiration of a warranty. hehe

Air travel. Not so fun anymore. I got singled out on the return trip from Florida. Fortunately it was just to swab my hands. For what, I have no idea. You don't think they tell you, do they? I'm guessing they were looking for trace explosives. What the heck else could it be? I do know enough to be quiet and do what they say. I wanted to come home!

A lot of noise this week about the x-rays and pat downs. I think they TSA is trying to find some happy balance between safety (for all) and passengers rights. It is not working so well but I hope in time they will get it right. Although, what is right? Until they do it is just going to be an enormous pain in the neck.

I think the Post Office knows me...too well. Today I received a pamphlet in the mail from them. Addressed to me. I don't use Deborah for any of the flickr bees mailings - always Debbie. The pamphlet was addressed to Debbie. Coincidence? Perhaps. hehe Might be a little bit scary too! Uncle Postman is watching.... I still think we are keeping them in business.

The Queen and I did get together yesterday. I did take pictures. She made postcards and I worked on my holiday 3x6 blocks. I did a little postcard work also. I hope to have pictures up soon. I think the camera is still in the studio.

I cannot imagine how it got to be the week before Thanksgiving! My goodness. We just decided to have T-Day at our house on Sunday. Son and his girl, our San Diego friends who live here now and have no family here, (we're their family!) and DH's nephew and his friend. A motley crew for sure but I plan on having fun. :) I love turkey.

After that day I must transform my house into the most wonderful time of they year! I love decorating for Christmas. I may not be very good at it but I sure have plenty of "stuff" and it puts me in the mood. I just discovered the Christmas music is back on the XM radio. I'm programmed in! It gets me in a good mood.

All for now. Yes, I think I've had enough random thoughts for one day! :)


  1. Christmas is the most wonderful time of year....and you do decorate well and I love to decorate too. Can I help????

  2. Just yesterday it was May. How did we get here so quickly! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!