Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tales from the Hive (late)

Nancy and I did get together yesterday. We were quite focused on things we needed to do. We used my GO cutter to make the rectangles for the Dutchman's Puzzle block which is our block of the month for guild. Guild is the 16th so we are in pretty good shape having done it so soon.

Here is Nancy's block:

Here is mine:

All together now....hehehe

We also decided we hate flying geese! Probably not but we did yesterday.

I also had one of the Flickr bee projects come in the mail and I decided to get it done lickety split. As a matter of fact, it went out in the mail today.

We decided we would participate in the 3x6 Holiday Block Swap. I did not realize that they had to be mailed by the 29th of this month. I've picked the block. I'll get it/them done! Nancy is well on her way, having made her first block!

Well done, Queen Peach! She also has a bunch all cut and ready to sew together.

Tomorrow we will go to our final quilt show for the year. It is a small one but we like going. I've invited my friend to go with us. We are also taking my mom and another guild friend. Should be a good time. I'm taking my camera for inspiration. Of course, I'll be shopping, too!!!

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