Monday, January 3, 2011

It felt good to sew

I knew that I needed to be in the studio after the pick was made for the 2011 UFO challenge. I also knew that I had moved that particular project off the top of the counter to somewhere (over the rainbow). I don't know how these black holes keep showing up in different spots. It is crazy!!! It only took me one hour to finally figure out where I had put the project. Keep in mind that it is a 16x16 (roughly) room. Do you think I have too much stuff? haha was in a safe place. There was some mild panic while the looking was going on, but it is all good now!

I now have a designated bin with each project inside and numbered. There are two on my list that are not in the bin because one is in my head and the other is making a purse but I have so many patterns that it will be a choice issue. So I am organized on this challenge.

It felt good to sew yesterday. I had put the Round Robin project aside. I hated where I was going with it and as a group we had decided to take a minute to breathe during the holidays. Well I pulled the project out and had a complete rethink on colors and it is almost done. I would like it to go out this week as I think there is another one coming my way.

I'm very tempted to try Judy L's other challenge - monotone quilts. The color picked for January was yellow. I really do have a lot of yellow. Perhaps a little baby quilt. We'll see. Certainly something to think about.

I must confess to purchasing 4 yards of fabric last week. Help me, Rhonda! I can't say no. hahaha Okay, two fabrics were on sale - orange, of course. There was a beautiful orange oriental that I felt I needed and there was this other fabric called Celebration. Gorgeous...had to have it. I think that will be it for a while in purchasing.

Today is back to reality day. The holidays are behind us and the heavy calorie foods have left the building. Mostly....but I will have to stay away from the Hershey chocolate that is still kicking around. I did a bit of damage between Thanksgiving and New Year's. My own fault but I have to get back on track.

On that note...I must go and get ready to hit the gym. Have a good day.

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