Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A final look at 2010 or Things I forgot to post!

I wanted to show the pictures of the two Secret Santa gifts I received from 2 flickr bees.

This cute package came from Melissa who is in the Round Robin Quilt Journey with me. I forgot to include the little tote basket (of course I realize this now) and I will say that it is now housing pods of coffee for the Kuerig!

I want to thank Melissa so much. The angel is adorable. I love the fabric.

This gift was from the Bee in my Bonnet group. We agreed to do mug rugs. I received this fabulous mug rug from Meghan aka Thrifty Quilter. Another fabulous talented woman!!!

There was some discussion as to the animal being a giraffe but that was because I was nuttier than fruitcake! Hubby and I laughed for quite a while when I realized it was a reindeer. You know, giraffe or reindeer, it is so spectacular. I really love it. It keeps moving in my house. It is the spare bedroom right now. I just love looking at it! Thanks, Meghan. So very much.

Nancy aka Queen Peach 20 to our flickr friends, gave me this for Christmas. Love it!! It is going to be a great wall hanging for the studio. This was a truly special and thoughtful gift. Nancy is just that kind of woman!!! I'm very happy to have received this gift.

The screen printed panels are created by our friend, Amy, over at During Quiet Time. See my blog list. She is one talented woman and I am so thrilled that Nancy got this for me. She got one for herself in blues.

Tomorrow is our first bee day of 2011 and these little wall hangings are on the schedule. Yes, everything else will take a backseat while we do this. A little something for us to spur us on for the year. :)

So tomorrow we should have some pics of our work in progress and the goal will be for them to be done!

I joined the Teeny Weeny Paper Pieced bee on Flickr. I have a new computer and realized that my whole Carol Doak collection was on the old one. Darn!!!! I will have to reload it. I think I am going to need it!

Have a good one~


  1. Are you ladies having fun sewing up those mini quilts right now?? When they are posted to my flickr group, I'd like to share them on my blog along with the other two that are there already.