Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow Day/Sew Day

Today was Guild Day. Well, that did not happen. No school for the kiddies and that meant no Guild Meeting. It has been quite lousy today. I snowblowed at about noon thinking it was going to change to freezing rain. That has not really happened. YET!
I'm waiting for husband to arrive home. He has an hour commute on a good day. He called me at 2:50 to say he was on his way. It is almost 4:30. He's home! This is a good thing.

So....what else did I do today? Well, I finished the binding on the mystery quilt (at 6:25 am) and it is now on the bed in the spare bedroom. Don't you just love that perfect orange fabric for the backing?

I don't know what the pattern was for this quilt but I picked every outrageous fabric I could get my hands on!

It is already crinkled because the woman who quilted it wanted to see it crinkled. So she washed it. The quilt pattern is a hibiscus. I love those flowers. I need a label and I'm thinking of naming it Sizzle or Pink Fizz. Can't decide. Maybe Sizzling Pink Fizz!!!!!

Spoke to the other Queen for a while. She will try to take advantage of the day and get something done. Pics are required - so says me!

I have feared making the Dresden Plate for some time. Terrified. However, it was the request of one of my bee pals for her January block in the Bee in my Bonnet. I read the tutorials over and over and this morning I even watched Eleanor Burns make on a video. That was fun at 7 am.

So I put my big girl pants on and went for it. I am so glad I did. I had so much fun making this block. I think I did a darn fine job of it, too. I chronicled my progress in pictures. Like, who the heck do I think I am? Judy L.? haha She's awesome. I, am not!!!!

Here is my progress from start to finish:

Well, sort of starting. I did not have the camera for the tracing and cutting. So I will start with the fold over and the 1/4 inch seam.

I think it came out very nice. I loved the fabrics and I cannot wait to see her finished quilt.

All for now. I have to go out and shovel. AGAIN. Hubby is running the snowblower so I don't want to be a slacker. hahaha If the Queen forwards photos of her day I will post them.

See ya.....


  1. I love your Dresden! I have been on my own shoveling and it took me three times during the day to clear it all out and the turn over to rain/ice happened here at about 3:15. My guess is that you have rain now too?

  2. Oh yes, it is raining here. Hubby is cranky! Oh well.

    Thanks, Amy. I thought it the block came out pretty well for a first time try.

    Stay warm and dry.