Saturday, January 15, 2011

Spend time with your husband or sewing????????

My husband won. I enjoy spending time with him. This morning we went snowshoeing and it was just great. We blazed the trail (because the neighbors have not been out yet! They usually do it) as it was virgin snow! There's a story behind that term but I won't go into it. It was sunny, cold, but not windy and just plain beautiful outside. Coulda woulda shoulda....I forgot the camera!

We came home and I made a fruitcake. Chocolate Fruitcake to be exact. There is some Truman Capote connection (his aunt's recipe or some such thing) to this recipe and I only saved the recipe. It is now cooling. It smells good and hopefully will taste good. No booze. I love fruitcake - particularly the ones without alcohol!

I then made barbecue sauce from scratch. Tangy! I also made coleslaw. We are having Bourbon Barbecue Sliced Steak Sliders for dinner. With potato chips. I got the recipe from Rachel Ray's show the other day. I never watch that but the dog and I were chilling. I love to cook and when I am in the mood, look out! I'm messy, too. hahaha Oh and I only have burger sized rolls. I could not find slider rolls in my grocery store. What's up with that? Too trendy for New Hampshire apparently!

This is the really silly part. We are making homemade french fries which I thought we were having with dinner but it is our appetizer! We are soooooo bad.

Nancy finished her process quilt and sent me a pic. I'll share with you. I love that Mark Lapinski (sp) fabric. Just stunning.

Tomorrow's recipes will prove to be just as adventurous with a Mexican flair. Chicken mole tostadas. For an appetizer we will have poppers - home made with real jalapenos stuffed with a sausage and cream cheese filling. Baked and not fried. So much more healthy. hahahaha

I will find time to sew tomorrow. I must! We are supposed to get snow tonight. Not much.

I also finished a book I was reading on the Kindle. I got it for free and I really enjoyed it. So much so that I did not want it to end. It was called The Crossroads Cafe by Deborah Smith. If you are so inclined and have a was really a good book. I suppose one could get it at their local library as well.

On a sad note, we lost one of our quilting pals yesterday. She was not well but it is still sad just the same. She was 78 years old and a very nice woman. We also hang with her sister, who is 80. Fun folks.

See ya....the french fries are going to be made. I think I might need some wine with those. That doesn't sound very good does it? hehehe

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