Friday, January 7, 2011


I was trying to pick blocks for the various flickr groups today and primarily worked on the Teeny Weeny Paper Pieced Bee. I have to make 4 blocks this month. One of the gals wants a Virginia Reel. I'll work on that this weekend. But....I needed something for the other 3.

Perusing the Quilter's Cache I stumbled upon a block and I just loved the name. So I decided to whip one up to make sure I liked it well enough to do for others.

So the name of the block is the Three Martini Star. I was working with this loverly orange fabric and I thought it was appropriate to use for my sample. I know the fabric is out there but it is so me and I certainly would not want to inflict it on other folks! hehe

I will wait to hear from 3 members on their like/dislike of the block. I probably could just do it and send it but I'll give them a say. Why not? :)

The bathroom remodel should be complete this weekend. Thank goodness. The stuff arrived UPS Freight today. I hope the heck it is okay. It was double boxed. never know. We shall see.

All for now...

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