Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pieces...pieces of fabric, pieces of yummy candy, pieces of mailbox post scattered about

What a day! Let us start from the beginning..... The kuerig is christened.

We might need a gal fridge and a microwave. Okay I am being just a little ridiculous. hehe Nancy also brought some yummy concoction - popcorn, marshmallow, chocolate and caramel and almonds. Yum Yum Yum. We need the sugar! HA!!

Nancy and I were pretty excited because we were going to make our little wall hangings. While I was waiting for her to arrive this morning, I was gathering up my scraps of orange (of course). The basket 'o scraps came in pretty handy with this project - for both of us.

We got right down to it. Making our side panel:

And can you guess whose is whose? haha

Nancy left the room to go upstairs to warm her coffee (see, we need a microwave)and came back down and said it was snowing. Yikes. Nancy's vehicle, my driveway and the snow do not make nice with each other. So I decided to check on that and I noticed that the Town DPW folks were up at the road. I then notice my mailbox and post were missing, along with the newspaper tube. I was not a happy camper and jumped to the conclusion that they had damaged it. Having been a victim of the DPW in the past it was not an unlikely jump for me.

Well, they did not do it. The mailbox (which had my mail in it) was in the driveway and the post was way beyond the driveway. Tire tracks indicated someone had driven directly at it. It was amazing. So....I called the police.

Then I went back down to try to get back to work. Put lunch in the oven, too! Nancy had made my binding strips for me. Thank you so much for that.

And...this is where we both are on the project:



Back to the craziness. The nice policeman came and took pictures. We all had some chuckles through the process. Nancy and I then came in to eat.

The propane truck came down the drive while were eating. No big deal. Except the doorbell rang. The poor man. He drove over the newspaper metal post and he was upset. He would pay. I told him no worries and that someone blew everything apart this morning. I think he was relieved.

A few minutes later....mystery solved. A woman came to the door. Her daughter hit the mailbox. Apparently a deer was in the driveway. Apparently she overreacted and got caught in the snow. I think she might have been speeding but hey....the mystery is solved. It was odd that there was not much damage to her car.

I just got off the phone with the policeman. He said they were going in to make an accident report and he wanted to make sure that I was going to be okay with all of this and also to make sure about compensation. I think so...hubby, not so much. haha

Of course we have to figure something out. The post office gets really irritated in the winter when these things happen. Oh well...they can hold my mail until it gets fixed.

There you have it. Quite the day but we did accomplish most of what we wanted to do today. Nancy has to finish those bed runners for this coming weekend but we both want our little wall hangings done soon and hanging!

What do you think, Amy? I want to thank you for making these fantabulous items and also thank Nancy for buying it for me.

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  1. Wow, you had quite the adventurous day! I can't believe that you were able to accomplish so much with all the mailbox craziness going on! I love how they are both turning out! It's amazing how much they popped when you added the borders. The borders on Nancy's remind me of fireworks! Very nice! I hope you had fun. And thank you to Nancy for buying them (from me too!)