Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Continuous buzzing

February has been quite the active month so far. I joined the create something every day bee on Flickr and I've only missed this past Saturday and Sunday. I did not thing shoveling snow was creative enough, although it could have been.

Nancy is home with a sick child today so we had to be creative in our own environments.

She's working on a quilt for her father-in-law:

I finished another round robin project. This is for Jen. I love that hedgehog fabric.

Monday and Tuesday I finished a block for another Round Robin project. Cindy's neighborhood. I added sunshine (on a cloudy day.....)

This is one cool neighborhood!!!

Nancy and I both finished the baby quilts we were making last week. We are pretty proud of ourselves. Pieced, quilted and bound by us! Saved a teensy bit of money.

I also managed to get my postcards done last week and in the mail on Thursday. Relief....I have not heard if anyone received them, though. They certainly should have as they were all stateside.

If you have not been to The Raspberry Rabbits site, you should check it out. I collect rabbits (not live ones) and her site is rabbits, live (very cute) and decorative (of course, I like everything she has shown!). She has a 12 of Hearts BOM that started in January (each month on the 12th a new pattern is posted). Nancy and I both decided we would do this project. Times two or maybe more. Easy and lovely.

Nancy had mentioned that she ordered the thread and linen from the site. I thought I was going to be thrifty but I could not find the thread anywhere near here. Well, if one has to order online or by phone, go to the source. Right? I had to call on this one and I have to tell you, Shell is a riot. She's so sweet and funny. You'd get that reading her blog. Order placed and I mailed her a check on Saturday. I got my order on Monday! Woohoo...That's what I call service. I certainly hope she got my check on Monday, too.

Saturday's forecast changed from snow to freezing rain and rain. High speed wobble ensued. 3 feet of snow on the roof and it had to come down. Immediately. So.....he was here

and I was shoveling the deck (3x) to clear it off. What a project! We were exhausted, he more than I, obviously. Rain, it did...then it iced over.

We had melting and warm temps on Sunday and Monday. Ice chopping followed up until yesterday. Its wicked freezing out now but 99% of the ice is gone from the driveway. Plus, we are going to get a break from serious snowstorms for a few days. Relief for all!!!! haha

Well, that is about it for now.

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