Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow/Sew Day

I'm apparently still suffering from jet lag. I keep confusing potholders with postcards. Flickr folks must think I am crazy as a loon. Perhaps...I might be!

I have been playing catch up all week with all the parts of my life. This includes quilting, cooking, shopping, laundry. It is exhausting. it is snowing. The heavy wet stuff. What was once an inch or so is now going to be 6 -12 inches.

I'm dreaming of this:

But my reality is this:

So with that being said...I'm going to get myself together and go down to the studio and work on my projects. (not a potholder or postcard to be done today!) Hopefully, I can accomplish something without a power outage.

Ms. Nancy, aka Queen Peach, has been very busy with her new Bernina. Yes, I'm jealous...hehe. Here are a some of the things she has been working on this week: (in addition to completing #10 of the UFO challenge)
(no Bernina required for this project!)


  1. Yup, crazy as a loon...that's what I was thinking ;) I love that bottom hexie! I had only heard an inch for today so I am freaking out reading 6-12 and have to run and check my forecast. I HAVE to go food shopping today and now it might be more of a challenge.

  2. Yes, Amy, we are working towards 4 inches at this point. I've shoveled my deck already. We were surprised by the news about the change in snow amounts this morning.

    Drive safe...