Thursday, March 31, 2011

It is the end of it the end of winter?

Oh my gosh!!!! More snow in the forecast. I even got an e-mail from the Police Department informing me that it will be a terrible, terrible day tomorrow. Heavy, wet snow. 8 - 15 inches of it. Really????? I mean, really?????

We don't lose power very often as our lines are underground but you just never know. I guess I will be doing handwork and shoveling tomorrow.

We had a bunch of trees taken down today so I got the heck out of the house since all I could hear was buzzing chainsaws and that crazy wood chipping noise and went grocery shopping. Good thing I bought deli meat so we can eat sandwiches tomorrow night in case we don't have power. Yes, yes, we have a generator but....does that mean I have to put on a gourmet meal? Hell, no!!!!! hehehe

Speaking of gourmet meals.....Nancy brought over a fantabulous lunch yesterday. I wanted to lick the bowl but that just would have been so, oh I don't know, RUDE!!!! hahaha She made butternut squash/sage ravioli (homemade, excuse me!!!) with a butternut squash/sage puree for the sauce. Mmmmmmmmm... We were living large. I popped in some white chocolate macadamia nut cookies (the frozen fundraiser kind which are wonderful) and that was our dessert. It was gourmet all the way..... Of course, I am now inspired to make my own ravioli.

I'd better take a picture of my #1 UFO Challenge tonight and post it. In case of power loss. I did not get the binding on because I thought I had a whole chunk of fabric set aside for it only to realize I don't have it and never did. I used it for a border. All I have left is enough for one strip. Nancy may have the fabric I need but I'm just going to wait until next week. No sense stressing myself out.

All for now....

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  1. Gosh, that lunch sounds good!!! I can't handle the thought of more snow tomorrow.