Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tales from the hive

Welcome March winds! haha We had them today along with some serious snow squalls in 42 degree air. It did not stick to the ground. Thank goodness!

Nancy came over today for our Wednesday Bee. It had been 3 weeks since we had had a sew day. She even brought her brand new baby: The Bernina 440. I'm a little jealous. It appears there have been some very minor changes since I got mine 440. There is a nifty thread cutter attached to the light. It is to the right of the needle. I've got to see if I can get that on mine. I hate the thread cutter on my Bernina. I trashed it and I trashed the one on my older Bernina. So I always have snippers at my station. I still love my 440 and Nancy's loving hers more and more! It weighs a pound or two but hey, we're strong!!!

(Auto save is a wonderful tool. I accidentally disconnected myself from the Internet but I did not lose anything! Chubby fingers...hehehe)

So...we had ourselves a full day of projects. Nancy had a table topper all prepped and ready to sew and she brought her #1 project for the UFO challenge. I was going to work on the last QJRR project in my possession.

So while I was working on this:

This block will fit in with all of these and another 6 or 7 to be made by my fellow round robin members.

I like Monika's thoughts for this quilt. Everyone is to choose their favorite color and use it in the block in solids and in prints. If you can believe it, orange was already done! That is okay. I thought and thought and Nancy agreed brown was a good choice. I had some cool prints (with orange) so it all worked out perfectly.

Nancy was working on this:

There is an unplanned variation to this piece but I still like it. I think it looks cool. Nancy will make another one the way she had planned it to be. Like she said, she has more than one table in her house!!

After completing these things we moved on. I hauled out my #1 project. I have had this packed in a bag in excess of 4 years. So sad. I will get to use my paint sticks and it will be a wall hanging. There will be pictures as I start the process. I have to wash the fabric first. It is a step. I wasn't going to do that but I figured since I'm putting oil paint to fabric I probably should do it.

Nancy had her #1 with her. Placemats in Christmas fabric. We used the GO back in December and she chopped a million tumbler blocks. Okay not that many....but over a hundred. Her plan is to make 24 placemats. So 12 this month and the other 12 is some other number on the UFO list. She had 8 tops done lickety split so she could potentially make all 24 this month. It will be her call.

All in all it was a pretty productive day. On Friday we are taking a road trip. We will visit Micci (Popcorn 1960). I have to pick up a tool for my hubby from her and as a result I am sure we will buy something in the wonderful quilt shop where she helps out. It will be fun to see Micci. I'm bringing my camera. :)

So that is it for now. I'm going to make another quick post. A PSA on safety.

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