Wednesday, March 2, 2011

PSA on Safety in the Studio

I have electric heat in my studio. It is an uneven heat but it is only on when Nancy and I are down there. I sometimes turn it off because it gets so blasted hot I'm gasping for water.

Today when I went to get my #1 UFO out of the tote bin another project seemed to be stuck. I pulled and it was still stuck. So I moved the tote around and could not believe what I had found.


The tote bin melted next to the electric heat unit. My gosh that could have been a serious disaster. There was never any smell so I had no idea that this was happening. The quilt was not ruined but there are melted plastic balls on the exposed batting. Geez.

So....don't put anything in front of the heating unit. I shudder to think of the damage that could have occurred. I will certainly be much more careful now. A major rearrange of the room will now occur and I will make sure nothing is in a dangerous spot.


  1. Thank goodness...the projects are safe. I do like it when you rearrange though. Makes it interesting!!!

  2. oh my! damaging a quilt could have been the leasst of your worries! so glad to hear everything is fine!