Sunday, April 10, 2011

All about Nancy

Spring has sprung for Nancy. She has been on one heck of a roll with creativity. The following pictures are items she has sent to me since we met on Wednesday. I haven't even posted those pictures yet!!!! I'm envious of the energy she has. I don't seem to have it.

Let's see if I can help make sense of what she's been up to. She'll correct me if I'm wrong!!!!

A table topper in progress:

She won this from our Flickr Bee - Bee Unique:
(nice, huh?)

Potential layouts for her 3 x 6 Bee blocks:

Border potential:
(looks good to me)

Done, I think....

And this will be a pillow. Yes, I like the green border!

Mighty impressive, Nancy...I'm going back outside to entertain the granddog!

One little thing about my creativity....I made bread yesterday. Had an urge and followed through. Tasty! Tales from the Hive will be coming. As soon as I have a few more free minutes!

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