Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lady Eleanor Boone-Coolidge

Who is that woman? hehe That's my royal name. One of my Facebook Friends asked that question yesterday. She owns a business here is town and is the dealer for Bristol Blue Glass which is made in England. It is pretty. So, royalty is on everyone's mind this week.

I'm sure folks have seen this swirling but apparently you take your grandparent's first name and add Lady or Lord to that, followed by a pet's name with a hyphen and the street you grew up on.

Anyone attending the wedding? I know it is silly, but I am getting up to watch. I watched the Charles/Diana wedding all those years ago. Oh my! I was sooooo much younger. I'm not sure that this will be the fairy tale wedding that Diana's was but I am so sure it will be glamorous to the hilt. I think it will be fun to watch. I will not be eating scones while watching but that does sound tasty!!!

So....for fun, what is your royal name?

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