Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Solo Tales

First up, here is my block for Vickie in my Bee Unique Be Knotty bee. I hope she likes it. She sent us chunks of very cool fabric and one in particular with "the bird". She wanted an asymmetrical block with one part being the bird and the other a portion of a traditional block. I do hope this works for her.

Nancy could not join me today. She is tackling a bigger domestic project. The children are on vacation this week as well. We've chatted by phone a couple of times.

On Monday I did the April block for Bee in My Bonnet. In the mail came the May project. I mailed the April blocks out yesterday and will mail the May block tomorrow. I made the May block today. I am not exactly thrilled with it and that's all I have to say about that. The Bee in My Bonnet group is over now with the completion of the May block. A little sad but it is okay.

I might have a bit of a stomach bug today. Not feeling so great. I've been productive, though.

The Tokyo Subway Map project is weighing heavily on me. I've got two more things to do this week. I will attempt to complete my April project for the UFO challenge and I've got to quilt the little table topper I made a couple of weeks ago. Once those two things are done I'm doing nothing else but the Subway Map project. Lots of strip piecing. Lots...

Well...I guess I'm going to go and relax. I'm think outside since it is about 80 degrees and we finally have a little sun.

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  1. I TOTALLY love the block!! It is absolutely perfect!!! Sorry your stomach is upset...mine is too!! Yuck!! Hang in.