Monday, April 18, 2011

More me!

I had time on Saturday to play a bit. I took the opportunity to make a sample Keyka Lou bag for PP7. I am not a bag maker. I wanna be a bag maker! I have been collecting patterns for forever in the hopes that I will become a bag maker extraordinaire. I am also not a sewer/seamstress. I failed sewing as a young girl. I kept breaking needles. The instructor was not happy. I did make a dress at that time that I wore into the ground. :) Oh yeah....I'm left handed as well. Not a good combo at times but I'm getting better at things all the time.

I digress....Nancy helps me through those sewing issues that arise from time to time. Takes a while to get things in my brain. I had ordered the Keyka Lou bag because I thought it was cute. So I read the pattern a million times to burn it into the brain. I was ready to do it.

And I did.....all by my little self!! I was crowing like a peacock. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.

Nancy cracked that she might not be needed any longer. No chance of that....I always need some sort of guidance.

So I bought fabric on Thursday to make two more bags. It is a fun pattern. I go into a fabric store with bags on the brain! There are so many bright and vibrant new fabrics out there and I just know they will make a fine bag. We are all going to be trendy grocery shoppers!

Things have been put aside since I got all bag crazy. I need to put the binding on my sunflower quilt. DH asked me yesterday when it was going to be done! GULP!! Soon....I have not done my April UFO yet. I still have time. I hope. My little table topper has taken a backseat also. I guess she'll get that for her birthday which is May 4th or 5th. I've got that Tokyo Subway map nagging at me, too. I'm still in the "gathering fabric" process.

I was reading Little Miss Shabby's blog over the weekend and she had placed an order for some fabric at the Fabric Quarter and also indicated there was a sale and gave the code. I actually broke down and ordered fabric online. I think that it is a first for me. I really like to touch fabric but those darn grey fabrics are proving to be a nightmare. So I ordered. Grey, of course. Although there was a closeout fabric that I ordered, too. Orange with white dots! (what??? it was screaming, buy me!) I wanted more but I resisted. It was good to get a discount, too!

Here's a sneak at Nancy's placemats. I love the binding fabric. It is so cool.

Well, I had best go back downstairs and get myself ready for guild tomorrow.

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