Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tales from the Hive - Road trip

We had our guild meeting yesterday. It was a good time. Lots of snowbirds have returned from the south and southwest from their winter vacations. It was a good turnout. We did have a speaker on color. It was interactive so we got to play with fabric squares and do color wheels and a couple of other things. I don't usually do so well in color classes. My brain hurts! hehehehe I pull fabric and if I like it together then that is what I use. It may not be right but I do not usually second guess myself. If Nancy is in the room and gasps then I know I've done good! :)

Big winning day yesterday at guild.
Remember this pic:

Nancy won 25 of these in various spring colors. They did look lovely and will be a most beautiful quilt. Lucky. Even I would have like to have won them.

Raffles: Pick me me me me!!!! hehehe In addition to fat quarter assortments there were additional prizes to go for. I picked the one with fabric and what appeared to be quite a bit. Supposedly fabric from the southwest. Who knows? I even have some of it in my stash. Well, maybe I bought it in San Diego. Maybe....

I won!!!!! Woohoo!!!! It had cute little cactus cookie cutters. I liked those!

Today the long awaited and much anticipated class at Quilted Threads in Henniker, NH. (they will be featured in the next Shop Hop magazine and they are lovely, lovely people) ZENTANGLE!!!! Nancy and I and about 20 or so other women took this intro class for zentangle. A few of these women traveled from Stowe, VT and beyond - 2 plus hours of driving time. WOW!!! I loved it. No right and wrong. Teeny little works of original art. I even made a third tile after I finished prepping dinner tonight.

My results:

Now, of course, a little bit of cash has to be spent when you take a class. So we each bought a kit and a book, as well as extra tiles. It is very relaxing. I've already come up with an idea for my month in the Bee Unique Bee. (no one get scared - it will be fun)

All for now. I have lots of Nancy's pics but will not share them until next week as they are secret partner things in a Flickr group. I also have one but will wait until my partner receives it. Maybe Nancy will take a picture of her zentangle tiles.

For more info on zentangles go to I don't think I linked that properly but you can also google zentangle. I'd recommend it. I think that it could be a great stress buster.

All for now....

Oh yes.. I forgot to say that I bought fabric at the shop and I also got my order from the Fabric Quarter today. Shhhhh....I've been spending a little bit on quilting supplies lately. I might need to have some output here to thin the stash. :)

Have a good one.

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