Tuesday, May 17, 2011

As summer approaches

Well, with this weather, summer is looking doubtful. I'm sure it will all work out. Summer is a crazy time in terms of being productive in the quilting realm. However, as Nancy and I have joined various Flickr groups we have both been very productive. (of course, Nancy wins hands down on productivity!!!) Still, we have our separate family vacations which cuts into Bee Day. So...I have to think about what I want to accomplish this summer.

In the summer we also have Barbara, Nancy's sister, joining us. Nancy's children come along for the fun. So...I'm thinking we should plan our Wednesdays to be specific. We all generally want to do the same things (different fabrics!) and I think we should try that. The hot new thing around here seems to be the Jelly Roll Quilt or Bali Pop Quilt. I have a Bali Pop that has been purely decoration on a shelf. My mom gave us the pattern a few weeks back and when I read how easy it was I was blown away. As a matter of fact, we saw two tops at Guild today. 47 minutes to make a quilt top that is lap size. Oh my....how fun would that be?

I still want to make a purse or two. I say it every summer. Still have not done it but I have got to put it in the mix this summer. Our quilt guild's quilt show is coming up next May and we will be having a Little Quilt Auction. I had a quilt in mind for the last show and did not do it. I think it needs to go on the list this year. A guild charity quilt is probably in order as well.

Tomorrow, Nancy and I plan to work on Jen's project for Bee Unique Bee Knotty. Look forward to that as it will be made utilizing our own fabrics and creativity. We're each making a tree in a semi specific way but they are supposed to reflect us. As one might imagine....there will be an orange tree and not the fruit kind of tree!!!

After the tree project is wrapped up I should make my placemats for the UFO challenge this month. I also want to clean the studio. AGAIN!!!! It just doesn't function properly. I cannot define properly but it ain't working!!! That's on my list of things to do as well but sooner rather than later.

Oh yeah....I'm now the President of my Quilt Guild. My gals were quite enthusiastic today and I appreciate it. Emmi Sue.....big shout out for you....you are too funny. Char, Barbara, Nancy, Donna, Jill, Mom, too.

I'll post pictures later on....

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