Monday, May 16, 2011

Followup with pictures

Don't these cookies look tasty! Easy to make, too. I don't know how they taste because my sampler guy was brushing his teeth when they were finished and ready to taste! I hope they are good. They look inviting and I'm really not a cookie person!

Here are the block of the month pictures.

Here is Nancy's block:

Here is my block. Rebel that I am, I used 2 different reds and 2 different blues! hehehe Using from my fear of $11 or $12 per yard for fabric is starting to make an impression on me.

Well, that's it....there will be more pics tomorrow. I'm bringing my camera to guild. Maybe there will be some good photo ops! I saw a picture of the completed quilt and I cannot wait to see it in person.

Have a good one....


  1. The cookies were really good......I think you need to tweak the recipe and do something a little different. (If you needed an excuse to make them again!)

  2. We can discuss that tomorrow! Jeff thought they were not sweet enough. I think I would agree having tasted one!