Wednesday, May 18, 2011


What a day!!!! No, we did not see the sun! Nancy won the Bingo game over at Bee Unique Bee Knotty on Flickr.

Our plan for the hive today was to make our trees for Jen. In between all of that we had the laptop on and Nancy's cell phone (you know, one of the fancy gizmos that does it all! Verizon's version of a Crackberry! hehehe). Kari had us hanging by our fingernails. Several members had 19 words. 20 words wins the game. Unbelievable stress, I tell ya!!! She was throwing out one word at a time for hours. We were crazed. Some were cleaning their houses and peeking at Flickr. (What - clean the house? Sheesh)

So while all that was going on we did this:

I'll let you guess who's tree belongs to who! Like that will take a lot.... hehehe

We posted this on Flickr so nobody would think we were gawking at a computer screen all day!

Just a tiny little forest of uniqueness!

After lunch we did a consult on the backing for her tulip quilt and that will be spectacular. Hmmm....did I show that quilt? Here it is:

She made this from part of her winnings from last months' Block of the Month. Nice, isn't it? I looooove the border fabric.

Well, Nancy had to leave eventually to go home to her children. I was attempting to make dinner, empty the dishwasher, set the table and still try to keep track of the words for her. We talked on the phone a bit... She did not get the first word after leaving. I noted on Flickr that she was on her own. But...wait....she had her Crackberry, oops, Droid....and shortly after 5 pm she had BONGO, wait...BINGO

It was great fun...can't wait to see her prize. Its a secret until she receives it.

So now we have to stitch the tree leaves down and send them on their way to Jen. My plan is to get mine out no later than Friday. It should happen.

All in day and I even got my chores done so my DH did not know I goofed off quite a bit today. hahaha Not really!

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