Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tales from the Hive

Nancy and I did get together today. She had to make a brief exit to take her son to the doctor and she did not get a whole lot done at my house today anyway...We had a good lunch, though. Thank you very much, Nancy.... Love the Harvista chicken/tuna/ham salad deli items. We had a little pasta salad, too! And...cookies. YUM

I am sure Nancy will have something done on her today project soon. When she does there will be pictures. A Christmas wallhanging. It will beautiful. I'm telling you it is all about Christmas with Nancy in 2011. Nothing wrong with keeping the joy all year!!!

I volunteered to do an angel block for the 3x6 Flickr group and the color scheme was blue/green/gray. After stalking the person's inspiration I dug through the stash to come up with her colors. I do hope she likes it. It will go in the mail tomorrow and she should have it by the weekend.

My stash of gray has grown by leaps and bounds. A few months ago, I had maybe one or two fabrics in gray. Now....selection. It comes in handy, that's for sure.

I pulled out my #9 for the UFO challenge. I was going to bag it. I did not feel like making placemats. I felt like doing binding for another quilt. Nancy had already changed up her numbers and said I should do the same. Hmmm....good plan. So I did...I'm fessing up right here. I think it is an okay thing to do as long as it is on the UFO list.

So...I cut and made the binding, made a sleeve and got it attached and ready for hand stitching over the weekend.

This is the quilt:

This is the story:

Doing this today made me reminisce the past. This quilt is 8 years in the making. When I moved to San Diego in 2001 I was lonely. So I did a lot of solitary things - rubber stamping and making cards and reading. We bought a house in 2002 and that kept me busy. I did want to meet some people and I finally summoned up the courage to attend a quilt guild meeting (San Diego Friendship Guild) in March of 2003. It was a very good thing. During the meeting a clipboard was passed around for interest in a bee. Signed up right away. I ultimately hosted the daytime bee until I moved back to New Hampshire. There was a nighttime bee also and I went to that as well. It was great.

Early on in my bee I was invited to join a once a month bee in Escondido, just up the freeway. What a great group. There were 9 of us and we were doing block swaps. So the very first quilt to be made in the group was Patriotic. There were rules and color schemes to follow. It was a bit scary. Then you had to make one block 9 times. But you also had to have the quilt put together by a certain date. I can't remember. One of the blocks has a July '03 date. I probably had the top done in the time frame but it did not get quilted until the summer of 2005. Today, the binding was attached. I think I bought the binding fabric last year!

It brought a lot of memories back for me. I do miss those women. We sure the heck had fun...guild retreats, our own personal retreats, road trips to Annaheim for the $1.99 fabric (it was good stuff but you could buy a ton for backings). I think it was called M&L Fabrics. We hit the Road to California Quilt Show and I did go back in 2007 for a wedding and the Quilt Show. Two of the women have passed and that is sad as they were so very talented and so very young.

One of the blocks was made by my friend, Sue. (2nd row, left side - the angel) She owns Quilters Paradise in Escondido. I may have mentioned this somewhere along the line. My American Patchwork magazine came in the mail today and while skimming through I was reading about new things. It was for McKenna Ryan's new (?) series and you could get complete kits with the shapes die cut and fused. I looked at the website listed. Yes, my friend, Sue. I've got to touch base with her. It is a wonderful shop. She has all the toys! I'm soooo jealous... hehehe

Well, that's about it from my end. Probably boring for you all but I did enjoy my memories today. It was a good day and the sun was shining the whole day which is a bit of a rarity these days.

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