Monday, May 9, 2011

Exceptional Women, Tokyo Subway Map

On Friday, the 6th, six of us went to Boston to the Exceptional Women Awards ceremony in Boston, MA. Nancy's husband's company (he's the big cheese) produced the show. He scored us a table and it was great! We even got gift bags with assorted goodies. The bags were grocery shopping bags and oh my, they were orange. There were about 800 people - so a sea of orange bags. Delightful!!!! Richard Marx (yes, I'm dating myself) performed 3 songs. I must say, he was a hottie! He had a one or two day beard growth. Sexy....hahahaha Like I said, dating myself! Patti LaBelle was an award recipient and she belted out about three songs also. That woman is going to be 67 years old but her voice showed none of that. Awesome...

Here are a few pics of the entertainment. I, am not the best photographer.

Now here are the exceptional attendees!

From left to right, me, Melvin, Nancy, Yvonne, Dorie and Mary

It was a very moving and emotional experience. I'm marking my calendar for next year!

Mother's Day was very nice. On Saturday evening my son and his girlfriend came for dinner. We had steak on the grill, salad and veggies. Girl Scout Thin Mint Ice Cream for dessert. Yummy!!!! I'm not a huge ice cream eater but this hit the spot.
On Sunday, my husband made me a special breakfast and I got to sew while he was slaving over the hot stove. He made me bacon, an omelet and english muffins. It was really good. My son arrived shortly after and hubby made him breakfast, too!

My friend, Cathy, called and said she was coming down to go to the perennial place on the mountain. She's 40 minutes from here and I'm less than 10 minutes to the mountain. I said I'd meet her and had no intention of buying anything. Silly me....we both bought plants. The black flies were brutal but we persevered. I visited my mom in the afternoon and then came home to spend the remainder of the day quietly. I bought a couple of peony plants for my mom from the mountain this past Thursday. I like to give plants. They last longer!


Major production of Block 6 of the Tokyo Subway Map is underway. Nancy came over to help me. I subcut some of the strip sets and she pinned the rows together. I sewed, she ironed. After she left I made another row of strip sets. I need three strip sets for each row as I have to make 25 of the same block. I have the other two rows all cut out and ready to sew tomorrow morning. Nancy said she'd help me pin on Wednesday so this project will be done this week. I should still be sewing but you know, I've been sewing since 9 am this morning and I think I might need to read a book or something! hehehe

Here is my progress so far:

Here is what is on the design wall. Row 1 & 2 and 7 & 8 are stitched together already. Rows 5 & 6 are the ones I will stitch up tomorrow morning.

I must go post in Flickr now so that they don't think I am a slacker on this project. hehehe

Have a great evening.

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  1. Lots of fun news here!! You are a sewing fiend, right now!!! I am intrigued by the Tokyo subway quilt. It will be fun to see how it comes together. I have 3 quilt's blocks sitting around in as many baskets with that many weeks left in the school year. Seems like there are so many things going on in the evenings/weekends.... Love my job, but summer here we come!!!!!!!